Do Sonobath sinks splash? - While any sink is subject to water broadcasting, we rigorously test our sinks under high water pressure to ensure splashing is minimal. Coupled with an aerated faucet, your Sonobath sink won't splash during normal use.

Are Sonobath sinks easy to install? - Yes. All Sonobath sinks hook up to a standard drain and trap in minutes.

Are Sonobath sinks UPC certified? - Sonobath sinks are IAPMO tested and UPC certified exceeding test and code standards.

How do I clean my Sonobath sink?- Premum quartz units are easy to clean and maintain. Please refer to our Care & Maintenance guide for more information.

How do I access the drain of my Sonobath sink? - Sonobath sink drains can be accessed directly or by carefully lifting out the drain cover using the appropriate tools.

Can Sonobath sinks be customized? - Yes. All Sonobath products can be customized. Because Sonobath products are made here in our Los Angeles studio, it's easy for us to do custom variations, new concepts, or help you develop your ideas. Contact us directly for more information.

Can I get a Sonobath sink built into a counter? - Yes. We call this type of unit an integrated sink and can build one or more units into a counter sized to your specification. Contact us directly for more information.

What’s a typical lead time for a Sonobath sink? - Orders are filled typically within 3-4 weeks. Custom units or hight quantity orders may require additional time. Contact us or your authorized sales representative if you have a specific deadline and need more information.